Products at Destructiontools

An extensive product range is available to meet all your needs. As a renowned manufacturer, we offer high quality products.

Our services

In addition to an extensive range of products, we also offer many additional services to provide maximum support to our customers:

Product sourcing

We help you find the most suitable tools for your applications.


We can offer customization for specific purposes, e.g. a saw blade with a unique diameter or thickness, special type of segments, ...

Exceptional value for money

We offer the highest quality products on the market at very good prices.

Bulk discounts

For large orders, we can offer a custom quote so that you can enjoy an optimal price.

Delivery and shipping

We check how we can deliver the products to you the fastest way possible, for urgent deliveries we can personally deliver your order in some cases. We aim for a delivery time of max 48 hours.

Free customer visit

Would you like to know more about our products? Then be sure to contact us so that we can schedule a personal appointment where we can explain our products and way of working.