Shipping and Return Policy

Shipping policy within EU

All orders placed through are shipped from our strategically located warehouse within the EU (Belgium). If you are located in the European Union, you do not have to worry about customs clearance or additional VAT costs.

Shipping policy outside EU

All worldwide orders shipped outside the EU are taxed with zero-rate BE VAT (we deduct the 21% BE VAT from your order after verifying your account). Our shipments are sent under incoterm DAP. This means that the goods will be delivered to your door (unless otherwise agreed), you must pay any applicable VAT & excise duties upon entry.

If you have any questions about the import tariffs for our products, you can always contact us, we can look them up and provide you with the information.

Delivery terms


Delivery time*

Shipping cost**

Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France

1-4 workdays

Free shipping from €50, otherwise €4,50

Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom

2-7 workdays

Free shipping from €70, otherwise €7,50

Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey

3-8 workdays

Free shipping from €150, otherwise €13,50

Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Greenland, Georgia, Greenland, Vatican City, Iceland, Isle of Man, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Mocano, Norway, Romania, Slovakia

3-12 workdays

Free shipping from €250, otherwise €29,50

North America (US, Canada & Mexico), Central America

3-15 workdays

Free shipping from €250, otherwise €29,50

Other countries


Please contact us.

* Delivery times are estimates. Orders placed outside standard opening hours or during weekends or public holidays are deemed to have been placed on the first Belgian working day following the date on which the order was placed. We aim to ship all our shipments the same day.
** We reserve the right to charge a delivery fee if your order is not accepted at the address provided to us on the confirmed delivery date. You can check the shipping costs for your country at checkout.

- If a package is undeliverable, the customer may be held responsible for any return or re-delivery costs. Destructiontools is not responsible for any failure or delay in delivery for reasons beyond our reasonable control.
- If the delivery is delayed for more than 7 working days, you can contact us to cancel the order, a new delivery can be arranged or a refund.
- All questions related to orders should be directed to

Return conditions

The return conditions are the same for all our customers based on the 'Distance Buying' law. The following return conditions also apply to a purchase via our webshop:
  • Option 1: Return well received
  • Destructiontools refunds the customer without deducting any costs.

  • Option 2: Exchange item
  • After contact between the customer and Destructiontools, an agreement can be reached about the exchange of a product. With an exchange, the customer receives a new item, so the customer will not receive a refund unless otherwise specified.

  • Option 3: Repair item
  • If an article is delivered to the customer, Destructiontools will ensure that the same article is initially delivered to this customer again, this does not have to be a new article, but can also be the original product that will be repaired first. If repair or replacement is not possible, Destructiontools will arrange the refund without charging extra costs. Destructiontools may ask the customer to return the damaged items first.

  • Option 4: Article does not meet return conditions
  • An article does not meet the conditions if the condition is different than in which it was delivered to the customer and is therefore no longer saleable to third parties by Destructiontools. This means that the item is returned in a damaged state, used or incomplete. In certain cases, a partial refund can be arranged after consultation with the customer.

Return method

There are 2 options to return your items to Destructiontools:
  • Option 1: The customer arranges the return himself
  • Option 2: The return is arranged by Destructiontools. In this case, Destructiontools will provide a return label to the customer.

  • With option 2, the customer must first contact Destructiontools. A return will only be created after approval from Destructiontools. Destructiontools cannot be forced to do this.

Return address

Returns must always be sent to the following address, unless otherwise agreed:
  • Recipient Name: Destructiontools
  • Address: Kouterweg 10, 9870 Zulte
  • Email address:
  • Phone number: +32 472 05 65 31


Make sure that the goods to be returned are always well packaged to prevent damage and loss during shipping.

The version of this shipping and returns policy is dated 08/03/2023.